A little bit of history ...

Glass Blocks / Glass Bricks are ideal for transforming a new home or renovation into an energy saving, light, bright and unique asset.


We have been involved with the creation of Glass Block Design and Installation for the past 20 years, and have seen many happy and satisfied customers who we have helped create great architectual works with our Glass Blocks / Glass Bricks. View our gallery for some examples!


The incorporation of Glass Blocks / Glass Bricks in any project allows for maximum use of light and creates a spacious feeling in even the smallest of areas.


shower block

We are creating new methods of applying blocks to a project and design ideas everyday including; DIY Kits, Custom Frame Manufacturing and Installation (on-site or pre-fabricated), Glass Block Opening Windows and an ever growing list of Glass Block / Glass Brick Designs!

glass blocks on time


The best quality, on time!

Save time and money with our simple DIY silicone kit or if you prefer, we can have your glass blocks / glass bricks professionally installed.

A great way for you to see our products is by either visiting our Showroom in Bayswater OR by simply browsing some of our Glass Block / Glass Brick designs Online Here! Order today and your custom made frame can be ready in just 2 days!*
*conditions apply