Glass Block Installation

Glass blocks / glass bricks can be installed using either silicone or mortar.
Our popular DIY silicone kits are easy to install yet provide a professional finish. The 'BlokUp" DIY installation system uses our custom made aluminium frames with silicone or you can install the blocks / bricks directly into a timber frame using silicone and anchor clips.


Mortar requires a degree of experience for DIY installation. If you are undertaking special projects like curved walls or frameless partitions, mortar will be required and we are happy to provide you with expert advice in this area.


We can arrange full installation of glass blocks / glass bricks in either silicone or mortar for your project.

Silicone or Mortar

Traditionally glass blocks were installed using mortar. However, today you have the choice of using silicone as well.

Our BLOKUP frame and silicone system provides you with a simple method of installing the glass blocks / glass bricks yourself. The silicone system provides a 3mm join between each glass block / glass brick which is generally more appealing
in bathrooms and other wet areas.

See our methods of Installation!


Using special telescopic anchor clips, you can also install glass blocks /glass bricks
directly into your own wooden frame with silicone.

However, there are some instances where silicone is not recommended or applicable such as curved walls, free standing partitions, large walls over 3 meters and in areas with heavy water contact. Fire rated applications also have to be installed using mortar.