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Glass Block Designs

Glass blocks / glass bricks are an excellent means of increasing the natural light in your home whilst providing privacy and security. Our standard glass blocks are 80mm thick, are vacuum sealed, and offer excellent noise and heat insulation, eliminating the need for expensive drapes or blinds.


Use your imagination! Glass blocks / glass bricks can be used in many different applications to create a light, open feeling in your home. Curved walls and partitions, shower and spa walls, benches, bars and splashbacks are just some innovative ways to use glass blocks.

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Our Stock

We stock a range glass blocks / glass bricks from Germany and Indonesia. Glass blocks / glass bricks are made in a variety of sizes, however, the standard size is 190 x 190 x 80mm. This size block has the largest range of designs and colours to choose from.


However, there are also limited glass blocks available in a larger 240 x 240 x 80mm. In both the standard and larger blocks / bricks, there are a small number of half blocks / bricks 190 x 90 x 80 and 240 x 115 x 80 available. We have a limited number of blocks available for use in frameless, curved and angled applications.


In some residential and commercial buildings, particularly close to boundaries, fire-rated glass block / glass brick panels are required under council regulations. We stock a range of glass blocks / glass bricks that meet the requirements for fire-rating for 60 and 90 minutes. Fire-rated glass blocks / glass bricks are 95 or 100 mm thick and require a specific installation method by an expert installer.



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